渥太华滤水器有限公司.是同一个公司吗 铁 & 硫过滤器.

OWFCO服务于渥太华及其周边地区 铁 & 硫过滤器 can now ship the products that were developed by Ottawa Water Filters Co anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A.

OWFCO has operated for over 10 years, has over 1500 customers on record and maintains an 商业改善局(BBB) A+评级. 

Below are just a few comments people have sent into us over the years…

发现了这家公司,很高兴亿博app这么做了. 他知道如何解决亿博app的铁问题和硬水问题. His price couldn’t be beat(had 3 quotes) and his customer service exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about a water treatment system.


我的水有问题. After having 3 other people in to take a look at the problem I called Shawn. He listened to everything I had to say and came over the very next day to assess the situation. Gave me my options and explained everything I needed to know to make a decision. Glad I found this company cause I was feeling defeated by water machines. 会推荐这家公司给任何有水问题的人吗. And Shawn didn’t try to rip me off like another water conditioning company I had come in to service their own machine.


Before moving forward with the purchase, we got 3 quotes from other sources. 迄今为止,渥太华过滤器公司的肖恩在质量和价格上都是最好的. Shawn took the time to review our needs and advise us on what we really needed to make the water safe for our family. 我会把这家公司推荐给大家.


Shawn has serviced my iron sulfur filter and water softener on two occasions. Once when it was set up improperly by another service representative when it was installed, 还有一次,它已经关闭了一段时间. Not only was Shawn knowledgeable and skilled, but his service was fast and more than fair. I was really happy with the service because Shawn was interested in getting my unit working and not in making more money from me, 我尊重. 这对信任有很大的帮助


I had a sulfur smell for years, called you and ran some test over the phone with you. 你亲自告诉我怎么修,味道就没了. 不敢相信我这样生活了这么多年. 谢谢你的帮助!


我在盖新房子,有人告诉我硫磺的味道真的, 真的很糟糕,我需要一个昂贵的系统来修复它. You explained to me how your new systems worked and that it would cost a fraction of the cost with no maintenance. Well it has been a few months now and the smell is not only gone but it never returned…谢谢!


I have high iron in my water and was told I would need a complex system to fix it. 我打电话给你,你用一个水箱系统修好了它. 这帮我省了很多钱. 谢谢,我会把你的事告诉大家….


我的地下室里有个水厂, 不断地维护它,花钱让它继续运行下去. 我和你谈过了, you educated me on my water and I was able to replace this $10 000 system with an $1800 tank. 我真不敢相信,几年之后它仍然运行良好..谢谢!


I was told I have iron bacteria and was told the only way to fix it was with a chemical injection system either chlorine or peroxide. 这是数千美元和多年的持续维护. After 我和你谈过了, you explained how to fix it without this expensive system. 谢谢. 你那价值1500美元的坦克运转得非常非常好!!!


I did my research and found your prices to be extremely fair and your products are impressive. 我决定向你们购买,因为你们的价格便宜得多, your systems were less maintenance and little or no cost to manage and if I had a problem I could buy parts for them from any plumbing store. 这与我从其他公司得到的两份报价非常不同. 我过去的系统只能从他们那里买零件. I hated how long it took and I hated paying hundreds of dollars for a part that looks like it cost about $20.


我很感激你花时间向我解释我的水问题, 是什么引起的, 我怎么才能修好它, 运行系统的成本和时间, 水系统的生活将是什么样的,其他公司提供什么, 我应该避免什么,我可以期望从他们那里得到什么.


我喜欢你做生意的方式. First I agree it is better to buy a high-end system that costs a fraction of what regular systems cost because I will use less salt and no chemicals. 第二个, 我同意生活已经太复杂和忙碌了, I don’t have the time or interest in wasting the small amount of free time I have on a water system. 与你的系统, I do not need to put any time in managing the units nor do I have to use any chemicals either.


I got a few quotes from other companies and the cost was from one end of the scale to the other. After you took the time to talk with me and explained why they cost so much and how I would have been locked into them for years I was happy to purchase from you,


I had a system in the past and every year had to have someone come in and check to make sure the system was fine. 他们每年收我150到500美元. 我讨厌它. 有了你的系统,我再也不用担心了.


我今天没有现金支付系统费用, so when I found out I can buy a system from you and pay monthly I was so happy. 这个系统实际上是自食其力. 我每个月能省下40美元,虽然不是很大,但确实有帮助.


I had an RO system in the past and hated calling the companies to schedule yearly maintenance. When I found out all your RO units come with 10 years worth of filters and I could change them myself I loved it. Including all those filters, your RO unit was still cheaper than others.


Other companies wanted me to pay $60 a month and have them come by twice a year to maintain it. You put a complete system in for half of that and I could do the maintenance myself. 谢谢.

伦弗鲁. ON

We had priced out systems in the past and did not want to pay thousands of dollars. 在亿博app和你谈过之后, we bought a system from you because it was a fraction of what we had been quoted elsewhere. 简单的选择!


你花了很长时间向我解释一切是如何运作的. Other companies talked as if they were space engineers and the system I was buying was complicated and I could not possibly understand anything. 和你谈过之后,我现在明白了一切是如何运作的…谢谢!


I am a person who does their research and found your prices and quality to be very hard to match. 我觉得你做的很好,你帮了我很大的忙.


I am selling my house and want the smell to go away but I did not want to spend the money. You gave me options that allowed me to clear up the smell and not be out of pocket. 谢谢你!.


我的水有很多年的问题了! 我听从了你的建议,现在问题解决了. 最好的是我没花什么钱. 我只想说谢谢你,你帮了大忙!



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